Installing Gamban On A Huawei Device

Note: Before installing Gamban on your Huawei device, please ensure your operating system (OS) is Lollipop or later. You can update your OS in your device's settings, download the Gamban app from the Play Store by pressing on the badge below, and follow the installation guide.

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Installing Gamban On Your Device

1.) Log in or register for a Gamban account. To register for a Gamban account, you can purchase a Gamban license or start a 7 day free trial from the home screen when you open the Gamban app.

2.) Tap "Get Started" to begin installing Gamban on your device.

3.) First, you need to set up your Virtual Private Network (VPN), to do this tap "Set Up My VPN" on the new screen.

4.) You will be asked to approve a VPN connection request for your device. Tap "OK" to confirm that you wish to connect to the internet using the Gamban VPN. That's it, the VPN is now set up!

5.) Next, we need to set up accessibility on your device. On the next screen tap "Set Up My Accessibility" to begin.

6.) You will be directed to the settings of your device, on this screen you will see a section labelled "Downloaded Services". Search for Gamban in the list and tap on it. On the following screen, at the top tap the toggle switch to switch Gamban accessibility to "on". You will be asked to confirm Gamban permissions, tap "OK".

7.) Finally, you will be asked to set your default push notification settings (note: these can be changed at any time from your account settings and in the settings of your device). Tap "Finish Set Up" to complete your Gamban installation.

8.) You will now be directed to your user dashboard where you will see a message confirming that Gamban has been set up and is functioning on your device.

9.) Depending on the EMUI version, you may also have to apply the following settings to your Huawei device.
>Advanced settings
>Battery manager
>Protected apps
>Enable for Gamban


>App Launch
>Find Gamban and disable "Manage automatically."
>Enable "Auto-launch", "Secondary launch" and "Run in background"

You can now enjoy peace of mind in knowing your device is protected from accessing over 50,000 gambling websites and applications.

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