Installing Gamban On A Samsung Device

Note: Before installing Gamban on your Samsung device please ensure your operating system (OS) is Lollipop or later. You can update your OS in your device's settings, download the Gamban app from the Play Store by pressing on the badge below, and follow the installation guide.

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Installing Gamban On Your Device

1.) Log in or register for a Gamban account. To register for a Gamban account, you can purchase a Gamban license or start a seven day free trial from the home screen when you open the Gamban app.

2.) Once registered, tap "Login" and enter your login and password to begin installing Gamban on your device.

3.) First, you need to set up Gamban Service. Tap "Setup the Gamban service" on the screen to do this.

4.) You will be asked to approve an Accessibility Service for your device. Tap "I understand" to confirm.

5.) Next, you will be redirected to your Accessibility settings. From there, select "Installed services", then "Gamban", turn the option "On", and confirm the selection by tapping on "Allow" when asked.

6.) You can now close the settings page and go back to your home screen. A notification will appear at the top of your screen in a few seconds, asking you to activate Gamban as the device admin. Select "Activate" when asked to and return to your home screen.

7.) After giving Gamban admin permissions, you will be asked to set up the Gamban VPN in a few seconds. When a "Connection request" window appears on your screen, select "Ok" to activate the VPN.

8.) Lastly, you will be asked to allow Gamban to run in the background so that your device can be protected at all times. When asked to "Stop optimizing battery usage?", please select "Allow".

9.) After a successful setup process, you should be redirected back to the Gamban app, where a "You have successfully set up Gamban on your device." message will be visible.


You can now enjoy peace of mind in knowing your device is protected from accessing over 50,000 gambling websites and applications.


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