Installing Gamban On an Apple device (older than iOS 11.2)

Before installing Gamban on your Apple device you must verify that your operating system (iOS) is 9.0 or later. You can update your OS in the settings of your device, download the Gamban app from the App Store by pressing on the badge below, and follow this installation guide.

Download on the App Store

Installing Gamban On Your Device

1.) Log in or register for a Gamban account. To register for a Gamban account you can purchase a Gamban license or start a 7 day free trial from the home screen when you open the Gamban app.
2.) Tap "Get Started" to begin installing Gamban on your device.
3.) First, select your push notification settings and tap "next step" to begin setting up Gamban on your device.
4.) You will be given an overview of the installation process. Tap "continue" to proceed with your installation.
5.) You will be redirected to the Gamban website to download the Gamban profile.
6.) You will then receive confirmation that the profile was downloaded and Gamban will try to open your device settings to display the downloaded Gamban profile. Tap "Allow".
7.) You will be prompted to install Gamban, in the top right-hand corner, tap "Install", you will receive a warning message, again, tap Install in the top right-hand corner.
8.) You will be asked to confirm that you trust the source of the profile, tap "Trust".
9.) Your profile will now be installed. Tap "Done" in the top right-hand corner.
10.) You will be redirected back to the Gamban website and you will receive a push notification asking you to "Tap here to complete the installation", tap this notification or return to the Gamban app to complete your installation.

You can now enjoy peace of mind in knowing your device is protected from accessing over 50,000 gambling websites and applications.

Having trouble installing Gamban?

You can contact our support staff by using our contact page to speak to one of our experts.

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