Installing Gamban On Android Devices Without Google Play Services or Google Play Store

Note: Before installing Gamban on your Android device please ensure your operating system (OS) is Lollipop or later. You can update your OS in your device's settings.

Please click here to download the Gamban installation file (.apk).

Downloading and installing the Gamban app

1.) Click the link above to download the installer. Once downloaded, pull down your notifications tab and click on the downloaded .apk file. You will be prompted to allow your browser to "install unknown apps". In the prompt window, please select "Settings", then enable the "Install unknown apps" feature for the internet browser app you're currently using, this will most likely be Google Chrome. After enabling the setting, another install prompt will appear on your screen. Please select "Install" to proceed.

2.) IMPORTANT: If you are on Android 13 or newer, go to your device settings, then "Apps", find Gamban in the list of installed apps, press the three dots at the top right of the page, and then  "Allow restricted settings".

3.) You can then launch the app by selecting "Open", or by clicking on the Gamban icon from your list of installed apps.

Updating the Gamban app

1.) With every new version release, you will see a prompt asking you to update the app after launching Gamban. To update to the latest version, please ensure you are connected to the internet, then, simply select "Begin Download". Once downloaded, please hit "Grant Permission", and in the "Install unknown apps" window, enable the setting for Gamban. Then, go back to the Gamban app and select "Install Now" to complete the process.

Setting up your protection

1.) Please ensure you have registered an account with Gamban and have a valid license. You can register an account with us directly via our website, or by opening the Gamban app and selecting "Create An Account".

2.) Once registered, tap "Login" and enter your login and password. You will then be redirected to our 4-step installation process. After completing each step correctly, you will see a small check mark (✔️) appear in each one of the 4 boxes. Please feel free to skip any steps with a check mark already showing at the start of the setup process.

3.) Firstly, you will need to enable Accessibility. Tap on the "Enable Accessibility to allow Gamban to run properly" button. You will then be redirected to a page with a set of instructions, please read and follow these carefully. Then press "Continue", "I Understand" and after being redirected to your Accessibility settings, complete the rest of the process. When enabling accessibility for Gamban, please make sure not to enable "Gamban shortcut". After completing the step, please return to the Gamban app.

4.) To start the second step, please press "Enable Device Admin". You will then be redirected to the Admin Permissions settings page where you will need to press "Activate" to activate Gamban's admin permissions.

5.) Third step is to enable the VPN. Please press the "Enable VPN" button, then once a VPN connection prompt appears on your screen, select "OK" or "Activate".

6.) For the fourth and final step, simply press "Run in Background", then when a battery usage prompt appears on your screen, select "Allow".

7.) After completing all the steps you can return to the Gamban app and select "Continue" at the bottom of the page where you will be asked to test out if your protection is active by attempting to access a few gambling platforms selected at random by you.

You can now enjoy peace of mind in knowing your device is protected from accessing gambling websites and applications.

Having trouble installing Gamban?

You can contact our support staff by using our contact page to speak to one of our experts.