How can I track my progress?

After registering an account and installing Gamban, you can easily monitor your progress. To access the feature on Android and Apple devices, open the Gamban app, then select "My Progress". On Windows and Mac devices, head over to your profile page, and once logged in, click on the same tab.

Days Free From Gambling

The "Days Free From Gambling" field tracks the consecutive days you've refrained from gambling. With each passing day, it displays your progress, serving as a motivating reminder of your commitment to responsible gambling habits. Celebrate your achievements and stay on track with this helpful feature.

Time Saved

The "Time Saved" field calculates the time you've saved by not gambling. With every moment you resist gambling temptations, this field accumulates your saved hours, days, and beyond. See the positive impact of your choices and stay motivated to continue on your path.

Money Saved

The "Money Saved" field is a feature that calculates the potential amount of money saved by abstaining from gambling based on your average gambling spending in the past. As you refrain from betting, this field tracks the accumulated savings, offering a clear picture of the financial benefits of responsible gambling habits.

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