Do we block ALL gambling sites?

Yes, we aim to provide a global service blocking ALL gambling sites worldwide. There may be some casino review sites which are still accessible, but we aim to block all gambling sites that involve any transactions taking place. (i.e. a deposit/withdrawal).

Despite working tirelessly to ensure every gambling website is blocked, hundreds of new websites are launched every day, so some do slip through the cracks. If you have found a website that isn't blocked, drop us an email at and one of our team will review it and add it to our block list.

In most cases, the issue isn't that the site isn't blocked but rather the site is stored locally in the device's cache. After installing Gamban clear your internet browser cache to stop this.

Gamban blocks access to gambling applications and websites. In some cases, it may be possible to access the application but the transactional functionality will be blocked so that you cannot gamble. Gamban block also blocks access to all types of online gambling, i.e. Skins, Esports, Sportsbooks, Cryptocurrencies and trading sites.

It is not possible to choose what content is blocked, all gambling content is blocked. It won't be possible to keep access to poker or stock trading accounts. This, however, may be an option in the future.


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